I am RC Moore.  I am the protector of history and the keeper of memories. I watch over all the carefully curated pieces of vintage clothing in my shop in Hellertown Pennsylvania. 

I am the daughter of immigrants. An Italian mother and a Hungarian/Roma father. My mother sewed all my clothing. She knitted all my gloves and hats, crocheted, beaded, tatted, smocked…and these are all the things that I learned from her. 

Together with my husband Clayton we travel the world, meet all kinds of interesting people and gather wonderful fun things for our shop. Here are where stories and memories go to lie in wait of a continuance. It’s never the end. It’s only a pause. Until the next person comes in the door and loves the garment that was waiting just for them. And then, their story, their life, their memory…gets added to all the ones that were there before.

We live in a society where we easily dispose of things and people. It is easy to throw something away and not think about it ever again. What we try to do is to teach people to cherish things…to cherish memories and to cherish each other.